Fireside Chat

January 6, 2013 – Present
Podcast Host, Producer, Technical Director

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Fireside Chat is a podcast I started in 2013 as a way to combine two of my passions – Internet broadcasting, and the Calgary Flames.

If you’ve ever tried to follow all of the news around your favourite sports team in-depth, you know how hard it can be to keep up. Between television, radio, blogs, forums and other sources – there is a lot of news and views about your team. The vision of Fireside Chat at inception was to provide one place where the “C of Red” as the Calgary Flames call their fans could come each week to get all the important Flames news.  The podcast gave a summary of all the news from other sources and provided our own commentary and opinions on the stories.

Fireside Chat debuted after the 2013 NHL lockout on January 6, 2013 as a simple three host panel discussion show that broadcast once a week. In our second season (2014-2015 NHL season) the format of the show shifted to a two host format, which made having more in-depth conversations about the Flames easier. In this season the show moved from being primarily a news roundup format to being more of a conversational format where my co-host Matt Duborg and I discuss and debate the biggest Calgary Flames stories of the week.  This format remains today.

Shortly after the launch of the podcast, we started to experiment with other forms of media as well. In addition to the weekly podcast

My Role

My role at Fireside Chat primarily revolves around the podcast. I act as the show’s Producer and spend time researching and putting together the lineup for the show each week.