About Me

My love of digital media started at age 11 when my parents brought a computer and internet connection into our house.  Within a few months of browsing the web I realized the potential that the web had, and had taught myself enough HTML to build my first website, and after my first site went live I was hooked!

During high school I was fortunate to be able to explore and grow my new media talents, and started my own web design business.  After graduating high school in 2004 I was accepted into the New Media Production & Design program at SAIT Polytechnic (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology) – from which I graduated with honours in 2006.

After graduation I was hired by JMCK Western Publishing where I helped them to take their print magazines and take them online, while developing new ways for the company to monetize online with digital ad sales and subscriptions.  While at JMCK Western Publishing, I was also in charge of building and moderating their online community, and was instrumental in helping to launch and maintain their podcast network – one of the first in Canada.

In 2008 I was seeking a new challenge, and moved to Mosaic Studios where I helped to launch their in-house web production team as the as the Manager of Digital Production.  In this role I lead the digital production team in conceiving, implementing and managing digital strategies and campaigns for clients.  Working directly with the agency’s Creative Director, we were able to create innovative digital strategies.  Some of my clients during this time included the TELUS World of Science Calgary, Albi Homes and Connectra Fusion.

During this time he also served for three years on the industry advisory board for the New Media Production & Design program at SAIT Polytechnic – serving as chairman of the board in 2012.

Only four months after graduating from SAIT in 2006, I returned to campus as a Continuing Education Instructor, teaching various courses that dealt with introduction to web development, Flash animation and programming basics.  In 2012 I was fortunate enough to be able to follow my passion for teaching and became a full-time Instructor at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology – a position I still hold.