Introducing…My New Website

After many months of work, I am proud to unveil my new personal site. I’ve spent almost a year trying to figure out the best way to present myself, and what I wanted to put on my site.

The previous iteration of my site was just a blog, and while I had good intentions when I launched the site, almost anyone who has run a personal blog will tell you that it’s easy to let your blog “die” shortly after launch. I posted infrequent updates to the blog over a 3 year span, but really felt a little embarrassed when someone would visit the site and the first thing they saw was a year old post on the homepage.  The new version of this site still has the blog (you found it), but it is now complimented by other content.

I wanted a place where I could blog to share my thoughts in long form when appropriate, but also to highlight the projects I am working on, display the latest speeches and workshops that I’ve given, provide the information I’ve been promising for years around what I do in my consulting work, and whatever else I decide to add over time.  While not all this content is live yet, I’ll be adding more content over the next few weeks as I get everything setup.

I once again have a digital home I am proud of, and I thank you for taking the time to visit.