I am Finally on Google+

Google+ opened for beta in June, and I was excited about Google finally offering a social network.  As soon as I heard about it, I immediately started hitting up everyone I knew for invites. I soon found out that Google+ was only available to standard Gmail users, and not Google Apps users (users who have their email, calendar, etc hosted by Google at their own domain). I use Google Apps because I want to run a mail server on my domain name, and as a Gmail fan, it makes the most sense.

I never really understood why this was.  Most Google Apps users are paying Google for their service.  How often does a web services company deny access to their newest, hottest feature to their paid customers, but offer it to their free customers?  A little backwards isn’t it?

Sure, I could’ve used a throwaway Gmail address and setup my own Google+ account, but I’d rather not have yet another email address I need to check, and to further segment my online presence.  I held out on Google+ as a matter of principle.

It’s been rumoured since early October that Google was just about ready to allow Google Apps users into Google+. I’ve been checking my Google Apps control panel almost daily, and today I finally found the option to enable Google+!  So now, after getting my account setup, I am pleased to announce – I am on Google+. It’s better to show up to a party late, than to not show up at all, isn’t it?

If you are a Google+ user, add me to your circles, or find me in a hangout. I look forward to connecting with you.